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What we're About

Inspiring the next generation of diverse, female writers.

Write By You supports disadvantaged/underrepresented young female writers to develop their creativity, confidence and writing skills.


Our workshops allow young writers to explore and develop their sense of identity, alongside learning useful skills and techniques for developing written communication and creativity. All workshops are run by a diverse group of professional writers to act as role models to our participants.


Feedback and coaching are provided by experienced educators who can guide participants through the creative process, as well as giving them insight and information about their wider literacy needs.


All participants will see their work in print, and we encourage them to enter a national writing competition. The project culminates in an event where we invite friends, family and members of the local community to share in their success. Working together to design the anthology and organise the celebration event also develops collaborative skills.


Places are limited to twenty per year, so apply soon!


Our Story

Write By You started in the classroom. Sarah was an English teacher for thirteen years, where she always tried to encourage creativity and self-expression. Unfortunately, there was rarely time to fit these into the busy curriculum and she often felt frustrated. This project is designed to give young writers the freedom of expression, inspiration and passion that they might not be able to find in school.

It also started in Sarah's childhood. Her love of writing started at a young age. But, as a working class girl,  she couldn't see any people like her in the books she studied. It took over twenty years for her to finally take her own writing seriously and feel like there might be a space for her in the literary world. We want to make sure writers from all backgrounds feel seen and validated in their quest to express themselves and be heard. 

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